Music at the Market- Amelia Parker

Many of you know and have met Amelia and if not, you will likely recognize her from the market as she plays for us frequently and was recently with us on our opening day on May 16th.

Amelia Parker
Amelia is 9 years old and lives in Durham. Just before she turned 6 she asked one day out of the blue if she could take fiddle lessons.  The rest is history. She started lessons with Fleur that fall.  Fleur encouraged her to become comfortable with playing her tunes for others and often asked her to do a dance or two along with some fiddling at local events with her.
Amelia with Ray Stewart
Amelia with Ray Stewart
Amelia loves playing her fiddle at the New Glasgow Market.  She enjoys visiting the vendor tables and checking out what they are selling.  The chocolate suckers are a favorite along with the stuffed animal creations. When playing music she enjoys seeing people that she knows and loves getting a couple of hours to play whatever tune she feels like unless of course she gets a special request!
You can listen to Amelia when you bring Dad to the Market this Saturday, June 20th!

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