Market Made Meal- Steak, Potatoes and veggies

Another great Meal from items you can find at the Market! No real recipes on this one, just ideas….

First the finds:

Snow Peas from Jubilee Produce
Beans from Friesens Farm
Garlic from Jubilee Produce
Porterhouse Steak from BLM Meats

The potatoes came from our garden, but Lakenman’s Farm, Firefly Farm and Friesens’s Farm and more all have beautiful potatoes to choose from!

We seasoned the steak and BBQ’d it…just a little spice for flavour, our own personal preference is no sauces so we can taste the meat itself. We boiled the potatoes and added two cloves of the garlic to some butter and tossed he potatoes and then you can add whatever toppings you like such as sour cream, fresh chives, bacon etc….  The veggies were steamed but we  left a little crunch and left unseasoned for everyone to season themselves.

There are so many meal combinations to find at the Market…be sure to share your Market Meal with us, tell us what you bought, who your vendors were and how you cooked it!

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