BLM Meats

BLM Meats

2015 Cattle Producer of the year! BLM Beef provides hormone and antibiotic free beef products raised by local beef farmers in a fashion that is both environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Their beef is raised mainly on a grass forage diet being finished with a grain ration to increase marbling and flavour. It is processed under 24 months of age at local provincially inspected facilities and aged at least 14 days.  The cuts available will be ground beef, grilling steak, marinating steak, roasts, stew meat, soup bones, stir fries, liver etc. As well as what is on display cuts and packages can be ordered for delivery. Depending on availability it may offered fresh or frozen at the market.

BLM Meats is a cooperative marketing venture between three Pictou County beef farmers. Blair Battist of Lochview Farm, Lyon’s Brook, David Lavers of Auchencairn Farm, Rockfield and Danny MacDonald of Little Dan-D Farms, Mount Thom.

Receiving their award for 2015 Cattle Producers of the year. 

Connect with them:

Blair Battist
2787 Hwy 376 Lyons Brook, NS
Phone: (902) 485-5429

David Lavers
591 Rockfield Road, Rockfield, NS
Phone: (902) 485-8204

Danny MacDonald
100 Swamp Road, Mount Thom, NS
Phone: (902) 925-2946