Ceilidh Coffee Roasters


Located in the heart of northern Nova Scotia, Ceilidh Coffee Roasters offers small batch fresh roasted coffee beans.  All of their coffee is sourced from organic estates and is Fair Trade certified.

Enjoy fair trade, organic coffees with varieties such as:

Farmers’ Market Blend
Their best-selling dark roasted blend.

Tata Blend

This popular coffee is a medium-dark blend with complex body that lends itself to brewing by espresso or drip method.
Lismore Sheep Farm Medium Roast

Using bright, medium roasted beans as a fresh start to their busy days.

This single origin bean is a favourite with our friends and customers who want a sultry, french roasted bean that is as smooth as silk. No harsh tones, just sweet and subtle.
Single Origins

We change our single origins according to the seasonal availability of the various coffee regions around the globe. For fall, these include Colombia, Sumatra and Guatemala.

Connect With Them

Facebook   Website: http://ceilidhcoffeeroasters.ca/  Phone: (902) 890-4699