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Pick up day is Saturday. We have carefully made times for you to pick up according to last name. You will receive an order confirmation when you place your order and a pick up day reminder e-mail with all the details. Be sure to check your spam (and we don’t mean the canned kind, that’s just bad form…see what we did there?)

Currently, the pick up times are:

A-L 10am – 1pm
M-Z 1pm – 4pm

You will be picking up at the Market (the New Glasgow Farmers Market in case you need clarification), 261 Glasgow St. Contrary to what it looks like, it’s not an obstacle course, but a well laid out path to help you pick up your order, just follow the signs!

When you come to pick up, we ask that you have your order name clearly displayed in the rear passenger side window. This helps our volunteers get your order and make it a completely no contact operation. We even have a little weekly contest to see who has the best sign…so bling and bedazzle away!

Questions about pick up times? See: Do I really have to pick up in my assigned time slot?

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Yep, it’s true. It is important to stick to your time slot to avoid traffic back up and to ensure your order is ready. We keep your items fresh and your cold and frozen items…well….cold and frozen. If you show up early, we’re not going to be able to dig for your order and you’ll be asked to come back later. You can always get someone else to pick up your order for you. In fact, we encourage households to pick up for each other…you can take turns fighting over us!

Category: Pick Up

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