Raise the Barn

Raise the Barn Full #4A

We are super excited to finally tell you about our next big project – and it will have a huge positive impact!

For those of you who aren’t familiar, the New Glasgow Farmers Market has two buildings. One of them is a heated space that we can use year round. The other is a seasonal, non-heated, non-insulated tent-like “dome”.


The dome has treated us well, but due to the fact that the dome cannot be heated, the water has to be shut off and it has to be closed down during the cold winter months.  As a result, we are not able to accommodate all vendors that want to attend which is prohibitive to their businesses and contrary to our mandate to provide a low-cost venue for local entrepreneurs.

We need more room to bloom, so we have a solution! We would like a good ol’ fashioned barn raising, we’re going to Raise the Barn!  We’re replacing the  structure (to be re-used elsewhere in our community) with a building that is heated and insulated. We will raise a barn right on top of the existing dome footprint! With this plan, we use the same electrical, plumbing, lighting and more!

What does this mean for our vendors?

It means we don’t have to limit our vendors or turn them away. They will have ample space to continue to earn their livelihoods and they will be warm!

What does this mean for you, our community?

We are a social space. Many of our patrons visit us because they enjoy speaking with our vendors and they meet up with friends or neighbours however, as it stands,  in the winter there is no space to do this, and we all know that winter can be a lonely time for many.  Having this additional heated space means our community will truly have year round access to local food and products. They will also have a warm place to shop and socialize and enjoy their Market goodies, making it possible to continue our whole health focus year-round.  It also means that we will be able to increase our economic and social impact in our community.

How soon do we need this? Well, the sooner the better!

We don’t have exact costs yet as we are waiting for drawings and there’s lots of logistics but we know that it’s going to cost more than we have, so we are starting now.

What will it look like?: A big red barn!




Buy tickets to our events. These are major fundraisers that will give us a great start to this project, if you support them.  There’s the Luau at the Market in July, the All Hallows Ball in October and our Winter Wonderland Gala in December…not only will you have an amazing amount of fun, but you’ll be helping us and your community at the same time! Win-win-WIN!

Find out more about these events and buy tickets HERE!


We have a monthly 50/50 draw, and we have gift baskets from time to time. Tickets for the 50/50 are 3 for $2 and a winner is drawn on the last Saturday of every month! Our nest gift basket will come up at Christmas where you have the chance to win your Christmas dinner and many lovely Market gifts! Keep an eye out for those!


You will find a handcrafted donation box in each building, created especially for this cause by vendor Matt from the Spoonery. If you have spare change, please put it in the box…again you will find a box in both buildings.


Your contribution, no matter the size, will have a direct impact on many lives and livelihoods. You will make a real difference to real families and the dreams of entrepreneurs who will in turn contribute to our community. An example of how a small act can make a huge impact!

Thriving farmers markets and  access to local food is an integral part to any community. We are grateful for your contribution and we hope that you share this initiative!

With your help, we can get there quickly!

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