2017, A Year in Photos at the New Glasgow Farmers Market

In addition to our 2017 Year in Review post, we thought you might like to take a look back at all the awesome happening at the New Glasgow Farmers Market last year! We look forward to making new memories with you in 2018!



Holiday Gift Guide Part 2- For Him

Part 2 of our Holiday Gift Guide Series

Ladies, they say we are hard to buy for, but we know that buying for him is no piece of cake either…well actually cake might be a good idea and you can find some of that at the Market from West Side Bistro too (their cheesecake is amazing).  But alas, wrapping the cake ahead of time and placing it under the tree may present a challenge and you may wish to eat the cake yourself. Either way, here are just a few man-gift alternatives.


Uncle Leo’s Brewery- Give him a unique craft ale straight from Uncle Leo’s Brewery, not sure which one, buy them all and make a gift pack!


The Spoonery, Matt Dondale – Matt handcrafts these one piece spoons, perfect for the chef in your home! He has a variety of other items too including drink mixing tools! Perfect for a stocking stuffer!


Mike Shindruk- Mike is a local author but he also has these Heel in tow boot jacks…jealous? Not to worry they come in pink camo for you too! While you’re at it, pick up his book, Frog Legs & Photographs as well!


The Spoonery, Matt Dondale- We told you he had more than just spoons…he even has pasta measurers!
20150620_102210_resized - Copy
Big Cove Foods – Big Cove a variety of food products…perfect for the foodie in your life! Hot sauces, their shrubs mixes to make the perfect holiday drink, spices and so much more. The challenge will be not keeping it for yourself!




20151107_093443_resized - Copy
Handcrafted by Melissa (OK well Al, but we’ll go with Melissa) These beer crates are an amazing gift! Why strain yourself carrying multiple growlers? Now you can put two in this crate and if you’re really determined, you can buy two crates and carry 4 growlers. Pair with Uncle Leo’s Growlers and you have an awesome gift!
2012-06-09 08.22.25 - Copy
Ironworks Distillery- A vast variety of spirits sure to please the most discerning palates…two sizes for your convenience!
Steinhart Distillery- locally made, these outstanding vodkas come in many flavours. Try the maple over ice cream…or if you dare try some of the habanero vodka…
Soap on a rope is so yesterday….but this felted soap from Lismore Sheep Farm is great! Not only is it decorative and takes care of the dry skin that winter brings, but it cleans too! And this is something that you can use too, so buy two! Lismore Sheep Farm at the Market December 12 & 19th



20150613_084742_resized - Copy
Piedmont Pottery, Gary Fredericks- He’ll never take your mug again if you give him his own! Fill it with caramels from Big Cove, a flavour shot from MacD’s Bees and a spoon from The Spoonery….and Boom! there’s a great gift! Great for teachers too, just sayin’!
20150516_085810_resized - Copy
Samco Creations, Samuel Thompson, Youth Vendor- Birdhouses for the avid bird enthusiast. , he also has record bowls, perfect for snack holding in the Man Cave!
Lismore Sheep Farm- Sheepskin Insoles….Does he work outside or maybe he’s just partial to warm feet…either way, these will keep tootsies toasty. December 12 & 19th
20150606_084644_resized - Copy
Wonderland Photography, Heather MacDonald- Heather has so many local photographs, matted and ready to frame just the way you like it. Pick up a beautiful pendant for yourself while you’re there!
Beer Lovers
Knotty Acres- Lots of unique jams and jellies, but here are their beer jellies made with Uncle Leo’s fine ales. Fantastic with meat and over cream cheese. Buy them on their own, or in a gift pack.



20151107_094621_resized - Copy
MacD’s Bees- MacD’s has a few selections appropropriate for men in you life, from Honey itself, to flavour shots for his hot beverage and a line of body products….great for stocking stuffers or packaged together in a man basket!
ngfm gift certificate
NGFM Gift Certificates, $10 denominations…perfect size and make a great side gift! They can be redeemed at any vendors which means he can still have his cheesecake and eat it too! Available at the Welcome table!
Farmers Markets Totes-The perfect gift bag that he can reuse over and over and fill on his subsequent trips to the Market! They can be purchased at the Welcome Table every Saturday! $15
















Holiday Gift Guide Part 1 – For Her

This is a first in a series of posts that is aimed at guiding you to find just the right gift for everyone on your list.  The New Glasgow Farmers Market has something for everyone and in every budget!

Why is buying local so important?

Well it’s like this, all items at the Market are hand made, baked or grown locally, they are not imported. By purchasing from one of our talented artisans or producers, you are directly supporting a local family and by proxy, the community at large. When a producer or artisan sells their items, they have to go make, bake or grow more. By doing so, they are putting money back into the community when they buy their supplies. Whether it’s supply stores, feed stores or other local shops,  it all supports the community and promotes healthy economic growth in our County. That’s why Farmers Markets are a sustainable and very important part of the future.

The beauty of it is that you are giving a very special gift that was handcrafted with love, thought and care to give to someone special and the people on your list deserve nothing less.

Think outside of the big box!

As we begin, please keep in mind that we do have new vendors that come time to time or are new and may not be showcased here and there’s many more items than we have space to show, so that’s why it is important to come to the Market every week, you never know what hidden gem you’ll find!


LeSoap, Sarah LeBlanc Soaps, Bath Bombs & Body Products
Petite Riviere Winery
Piedmont Pottery, Gary Fredericks
Piedmont Pottery, Gary Fredericks
Lee Bezanson Jewellery
Quilted Chaos, Charlotte McCuish Totes, purses, wallets, pouches, animals and bowls
Keely Stevenson, Youth Vendor Necklaces, pendants and bookmarks
Keely Stevenson, Youth Vendor Necklaces, pendants and bookmarks
Keely Stevenson, Youth Vendor Necklaces, pendants and bookmarks
Sainte Famille Winery
LeSoap, Sarah LeBlanc Soaps, Bath Bombs & Body Products
LeSoap, Sarah LeBlanc Soaps, Bath Bombs & Body Products
LeSoap, Sarah LeBlanc Soaps, Bath Bombs & Body Products
Lismore Sheep Farm Mittens, Wool Blankets, insoles and more December 12th and 19th
Farmers Market reusable Tote bag $15 found at the Welcome table
Art By Dionne
Art by Dionne earrings, pens, notebooks, mugs, art on various media.
Gem Creations1
Gem Creations, Ginny Arnold Sea glass Jewellery December 5th and 12th
Gem Creations2
Gem Creations, Ginny Arnold Sea glass Jewellery December 5th and 12th
Handcrafted by Melissa
Handcrafted by Melissa, Melissa Zimmerman Scarves, necklaces, reusable shopping bags, blankets and more


ngfm gift certificate
NGFM Gift Certificates, $10 denominations, redeemable at any Market Vendor, good for Winter and Summer Markets