Hey, I’m missing stuff on my order!

You swore you ordered something, but it’s not there? You’re likely not imagining things.

There’s a couple of reasons for this:

1. You might have hesitated to confirm your cart and available items were sold out by the time you clicked confirm. Items in your order are not reserved in the system until you confirm your cart, so you could miss out on some awesome items. If you are planning on committing to your order, we recommend confirming your cart right away. Don’t be afraid of commitment. You can always add or edit your cart up until orders close on Wednesdays at 3pm. Please see can I add or edit my order for more information.

2. Your producer might have been short. Like life, farming can be unpredictable. Not enough carrots were plucked, There wasn’t enough sun and things didn’t grow as planned or not enough cuts came back from the butcher….you get the idea. In many cases we will have already adjusted your order for the short. If we haven’t please let us know and we’ll put a credit on your account for your next order.

3. We just plain missed it. Mistakes happen. We messed up on pick up day and in our haste, forgot to put it in your car. In this case we’ll call you and let you know

If you got charged for something you didn’t receive, please let us know right away (manager@ngfarmmarket.com) so we can fix it up for you!