Cannabis at the Market


We have been getting some questions at the Market for a while now about how Cannabis will affect the Market. The short answer is, it won’t.

Now that cannabis is legal, we thought it was a good time to answer some frequently asked questions. We figured this was the best way to address them.

Can I light up at the Market?

No. As with open alcohol and tobacco smoking, smoking cannabis in or near the Market will not be permitted. Visitors that light up will be asked to butt out. Those that are asked to butt out are expected to comply.

Will you have edibles at the Market?

No. Edibles are not currently included in the current legalization and will not be available at the Market.

Will I be able to light up at Market events?

No. The Market is on municipal property and the buildings are also municipal. As was the case before, we are bound by Municipal by-laws (as well as Provincial and Federal, of course).

Please understand that this is an unprecedented road we are headed down in our country and it is bound to be a bumpy one. As laws and by-laws change, the Market will respond accordingly and we will keep you posted.

We appreciate your co-operation and understanding as we continue to keep the Market an enjoyable place for all.

Please make sure you are also up to date on Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws around cannabis.

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