Music at the Market- Ferrona


Ferrona is a musical duo comprised of sisters Lynn and Sandra DeCoste. They are accomplished singers/songwriters who keep their audiences captivated and entertained throughout their performances.

Lynn is the younger of the sisters, who sings the lead vocals and plays piano/keyboards. Studying music at Dalhousie University, Lynn is also an accomplished Piano/Voice teacher. Keeping the tunes moving, Sandra plays a Celtic drum called the bodhran, as well as the shaker, while singing backing vocals. Ferrona’s strong family harmonies blend like no other.

Music is something they’ve been doing together all of their lives and their love of that really shines through. It’s definitely something that runs in the family. Their father, Berkley and his siblings had a family band called “The Surf Siders” back in the seventies. They have an older brother, Scott, who performs regularly around Nova Scotia in various music groups. On occasion, one can catch all three DeCoste siblings singing with their rare energy and that blend of family harmonies. The show can really get interesting when all of the DeCoste siblings add their eight combined children on stage, who all share their love of music.

They have recently recruited a new member, Pam LeBlanc, who is a local fiddler and well known music teacher. She has been playing the fiddle for almost twenty years and likes to stick to her strong Cape Breton roots with her music. Pam has been practicing with Ferrona for only the past month and is already a valuable asset to the group!

Stylistically, Ferrona’s interest lies in many different types of music. Besides their folk-rock originals, they enjoy playing a wide variety of music from the 1960’s to the present, and throughout the styles of rock, classic rock, celtic and country. Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”, Stevie Nicks “Landslide” and the Celtic toe tapper “Mairi’s Wedding” are just a few great examples of their song choices.

Ferrona has performed at many different venues including The New Glasgow Riverfront Jubilee, as well as many weddings, corporate events, private parties, local festivals, pubs and lounges. You can catch them tomorrow at the New Glasgow Farmers Market!

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