No! You can pay via e-mail transfer ( or tap debit on pick up, if your order is under $100. We aren’t taking cash right now so that we can keep traffic flowing during pick up.

We do ask for a credit card to secure your order. This is to ensure that orders are paid for regardless of whether they get picked up or not. When someone places an order and it doesn’t get picked up, it results in a loss of income for the Market and food waste. Therefore, any orders that are placed and not picked up will be charged to the customer’s credit card and the order will be donated to someone in need.

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We charge your credit card after pick up on Saturday. The reason for this is so that farmers and producers can charge you the correct amount for any weighted products. This also allows us to make any adjustments on your order so we don’t have to deal with those pesky credit card refunds.

Category: Payment

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