The Market Chronicles- New Building

This photo may just seem like pavement with a cut in it and some cones to some, but  to many, it represents so much more!


Everyone’s been talking about the new Market building for what seems like forever. A new, year round building has been a goal for a long time and we have been waiting for the day to come that we can see the dreams and hard work of so many become reality.

We’ve been asked when’s it starting? Where will it go? What will it be like? For a long time now we’ve been asked these questions and we are happy to finally be able to answer these questions. The building is the first of many phases as the New Glasgow Farmers Market area undergoes some awesome improvements that will benefit the whole community. it will continue to be a gathering place, a place to experience our community, great food, great crafts & arts, great music and great friends, a showcase to visitors. And it will soon be a place that everyone can experience all year round. There are so many possibilities and that’s what this represents.

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We will be raising funds to go towards some projects for the new building, including but not limited to our new open concept demonstration style kitchen, new tables for increased vendors and any other odds and ends that pop up along the way that are bound to occur with expansion. The proceeds from our weekly 50/50 draw goes towards the cause and we will be hosting a Market Kitchen Party with a BBQ on September 13th that showcases all the great local foods you can find at the Market, with local music and proceeds will benefit upcoming Market projects & programs. Your continued support is much appreciated!

We will document the progress as we go, so keep an eye out on our Facebook page, but the best very best way to stay in the loop is to come and see it yourself as you shop every Saturday morning from 8:30 until Noon!

This is the site plan. The building is the first phase and the others will follow, but this is the vision of the end result!

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