Market Made Meal- The Burger Challenge

July is is almost upon us (hard to believe, I know) and we’ll be heading straight into BBQ season! To celebrate, we’re dedicating this Market Made Meal to the local burger.

We will be joining the Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia on June 28th from 7pm – 8pm on Twitter for a burger chat.  All you have to do is follow @MarketFreshNS for the questions and join in with your answers using #FMNSChat. To be eligible to win a prize (yes, there are prizes!!), you simply need to participate in the chat by responding to the chat questions. The chat will last for one hour and the prize will be drawn 10 minutes after the final question is posed. The name of one of the participants will be drawn at random.  Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter too @NgFarmMarket!


Here’s your challenge- I would like to challenge you to come shopping at the New Glasgow Farmers Market tomorrow from 8:30am until Noon, and get everything you need for your own burger. Then make it, taste it and post it on our facebook page or during the Twitter Chat on Sunday…show them what great burgers we can make!

There are hundreds of combinations you can make using products from a variety of vendors. To get you started, here’s our Burger:

NGFM  Burger


We held our burger together with farm fresh eggs and panko bread crumbs. We added garlic greens from Bramble Hill Farm and Big Cove’s Espresso Nice Rub.

You can see all of our toppings listed on the diagram, but our Beet Relish was made from Friesen’s beets, we sauteed the grated beets in olive oil, garlic, and salt and pepper (to taste), we added a cup of Petite Riviere Winery’s Apple Cider…we suggest a half:half ratio…half in your relish and half in your glass…..quality control is always important.

cider                                                                         20150623_175255_resized


We also carmelized red onions in Uncle Leo Brewery’s Smoked Porter, a little brown sugar and salt and pepper to taste. We cooked them in the pan oven a medium low heat until cooked down. You can save the rest of the Porter to enjoy a glass when you sit down to eat your burger!



These are the groceries we used in our meal…but again there are so many options to choose from at the market if you think outside the box, jams, jellies, preserves, greens from several of our vendors, eggs, BBQ sauces, spice and rubs, ketchups, mustards, bacon….so much to choose from , so let’s see what you’re made of… us your burger….post it on our page…and every great burger has a name, so you give yours a name too!

See you on Twitter Sunday evening!


Our local Burger items
Our local Burger items





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