Music at the Market- Layne Greene

If you frequent the New Glasgow Farmers Market, then you know that live music is an integral part of the Market experience.  There’s nothing like doing your weekly shopping, then grabbing a coffee or tea from one of the vendor, maybe a hot breakfast from Red Road Kitchen or snack from one of our other vendors. Then you head on outside and sit a spell at one of the picnic tables and chat it up with friends while listening to the musical talents of one of our buskers.

The Market is an important platform for musical talent, a place where both established and young local artists can come and showcase their music. They set the mood for the 900-1100 shoppers that come through our doors every week, giving them exposure to local residents, tourists and other visitors. These artists play open case, promote their CD’s and other merchandise and take home everything they earn at the Market. They are  dedicated, playing rain or shine, in the heat or the cold because they love what they do. Every time we have a new artist, we’ll showcase them here under the title Music at the Market. We hope you show your appreciation for them.

This Saturday, June 13th, Music at the Market is provided by Layne Greene.

Layne Greene
Layne Greene


Layne was born and raised in rural Blue Mountain, Nova Scotia. Fascinated by sound from a young age, it came as no surprise when Layne began writing and recording music.

Backed by drummer Alex Lank and guitarist Bryan MacDonald, Layne entered the studio late in June 2014 to record his first album “Everywhere Around Here”, produced by Dale Murray and featuring appearances by Christina Martin and Fleur Mainville.

“Everywhere Around Here”  was just released in April and you can check it out here: or if you prefer a download, you can click HERE.

Layne has long been a supporter of the New Glasgow Farmers Market. When asked about why he continues to like to play at the market he says, “One of my favourite things about playing the market is getting to interact with the Market crowd. There’s something about busking that puts you in front of people in a way that isn’t too invasive on their trip to the market, if they like what they hear they’ll stop and listen, if not they’ll just keep going on their way unencumbered by the distraction. It’s a really rewarding way to make music for people.”

So be sure to stop in Saturday, listen to Layne and show your support!


The New Glasgow Farmers Market is located at 115 Jury St, New Glasgow, NS, and is open from 8:30am until Noon on Saturdays.


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