It Takes a Community to Make a Market

What is the Farmers Market to you? What does it mean to you and the community around you? What is your favourite thing about the Market?

The truth is the Market is everything and everyone. It is the vendors, it is the customers, it is the volunteers; from the board members that give their time to the the volunteers that set up and help out every Saturday. It is the local musicians and talent and it is the visitors and tourists. It is the Town, it is the County, it is the community, it is you.

Recently some of you humoured me as I stopped and asked you to write on a board and jot down your favourite thing about the Market. You thought I was a little crazy and ok, maybe so, but it was fun. You smiled and you thought. And what came out of it was pretty amazing (I knew it would be). Our Market is visited by everyone of all demographics and everyone has a reason they come to the Market. And we want those who haven’t made it to the market to come and see what they’re missing. Because yes, you can absolutely get groceries at the store, but you can get so much more at the Market.

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Just like raising children, the Market cannot grow itself. It needs love and support. Every time you come out on a Saturday morning, you are helping to grow the Market. You are helping that entrepreneur trying to establish their business, you are putting money into our community and keeping your dollars here. Those vendors in turn, go to buy their supplies in the county to make more to replenish their stock. You are helping Farmers keep their farms going, especially in a season like this that was hard and late, you are helping musicians by listening to their music and placing change in their cases, you are spreading kindness by thanking a volunteer.  You are saying hello to a friend or neighbour that you may not have seen, you are smiling, laughing and….getting your shopping done.

While all of this is happening, you are creating something you didn’t even know about. You are weaving the fabric of this community, of this Town and of this County.

You have helped raise this Market to where it is today. In a few short weeks ground will be broken and construction will begin on our new facility. This will allow us the possibility to grow into a year round event. But just like a child turning into an adolescent, it doesn’t mean you can let it go…if anything you need to show it more love and support as it grows.

Over the next months as we transform, we hope that you continue to support us and when we open earlier next year, we hope you will be there and continue to be there.

Thanks to all those who participated and humoured me with this. We will continue to do more projects as time goes on, so if you are approached by me asking you questions, please give me a hand!

See you Saturday!


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  1. That is really a neat marketing idea! Many responses people oriented, so vendors have something to win.

  2. The Farmers Market truly represents the essence of a community. It brings together vendors, customers, volunteers, musicians, and visitors, creating a vibrant and diverse space. It’s heartwarming to see people share their favorite things about the Market, showcasing its unique appeal and the treasures it offers beyond groceries. Read more

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