The Meat and Potatoes of the Market

We have all seen the daily articles about how much your grocery bill is rising. Meat, veggies and everything else is going up. And with 80% of our nation’s food and produce imported, it is hard to avoid. All food prices are on the rise and we are all tightening the proverbial purse strings.

We hear many reasons about why people don’t shop at their Market and while the reasons are complex and varied, one  we hear often is that it is too expensive. Before we start, let’s be clear, there is a place for grocery stores and to compare the two is literally comparing apples to oranges in many cases. We are not telling you not to shop at the store or to feel guilty in doing so. The grocery store can fill needs that  Market can’t but your Farmers Market can also offer you things that the grocery store can’t.

So we are asking, have you really explored your local Farmers Market and really looked at what they have to offer?

We think you will be surprised. After checking the local grocery store flyers, it didn’t take long to find that prices at the Market are often comparable and sometimes even less than sale price at the grocery store. Now more than ever, you will find that Market prices are more  in line with what the stores offer. For instance, you can find naturally raised lean ground beef for $5.50/lb regular price every week. No hormones, no antibiotics and raised right here, close to home.


And it’s not always about price, it is about quality. Your market can give you what the grocery store can’t, the opportunity to talk to the very person that raised your food. What practices are used to raise your meat and produce? How are the animals raised? What’s in your food, or better yet, what’s not? These are all questions that your farmer can answer directly for you at the Market. You won’t be able to get that kind of personal experience or service anywhere else.

While it is true you will not find strawberries in January or even March at the Market, you will find in season foods that did not have to travel thousands of kilometers to get to your table.  You can find the in season veggies like turnip, carrots, onions, potatoes, meats and you can still find sprouts & greens that you can get at the grocery store but we can also provide you with things you won’t see, like pea shoots and later as things warm up, duck and quail eggs.

Sprouts Courtesy: Bramble Hill Farm
Pea Spouts Photo Courtesy: Bramble Hill Farm

What can you do with them, how do you cook with them, what do they taste like? Again, ask your farmer or ask the Market itself. Just like the store, every market has a Manager plus we have knowledgeable vendors, so if you are looking for something in particular, just ask! We can tell you where or when you will be able to find something and if we don’t know the answer right away, we’ll try to find out and get back to you!



Quail eggs

Staying within your budget and eating  good, natural and local foods do not have to be mutually exclusive events. Eating in season is a good start!


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