Vendor Spotlight- Cupcakes and Other Sweet Treats

Janice Chisholm is our resident cupcake artist!  When she is at the Market ,her cupcakes always disappear quickly!
Janice Chisholm with Cupcakes & Other Sweet Treats
Married with three grown children, Janice missed having people to bake for when the nest became empty. She became fascinated with these cute little cakes and all the wonderful flavours.
She was encouraged by her daughter to sell them and she thought that the Farmers Market might be a great place to start…and she was so right!
Janice began, thinking it would be a hobby for her in retirement but while still working full-time, she is only able to do the market occasionally.
“I love the market for so many reasons, the atmosphere mostly.  I really enjoy seeing people come early and stay to socialize and are still there when the market is ending.”
Be sure to keep an eye out for her when she comes to Market. You can catch Janice at the New Glasgow Farmers Market this Saturday, July 25th!

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