Music at the Market- Hannah Fraser

Introducing Hannah Fraser.  To many, Hannah will not need an introduction as she has frequented the New Glasgow Farmers Market in previous years!

Hannah Fraser
Hannah Fraser

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of listening to Hannah, she is a thirteen year old fiddler from Stellarton.  She has been playing since the age of five.   She was a student of Fleur Mainville for six years and had the great honour of accompanying her at many of her performances including events at the New Glasgow Jubilee, the Jubilee in January, the deCoste Center, the Festival of the Tartans and countless other local fundraisers throughout the county.

She regularly competes in both Scottish fiddle and classical violin at the New Glasgow Music Festival, plays  a variety of genres and has developed playlists of traditional fiddle tunes for ceilidhs, slower songs for weddings and as well as a festive melodies for Christmas events.

We are very excited to have Hannah back for the first time this season. Be sure to stop by, have a seat and enjoy the music!

Hannah Fraser1

It Takes a Community to Make a Market

What is the Farmers Market to you? What does it mean to you and the community around you? What is your favourite thing about the Market?

The truth is the Market is everything and everyone. It is the vendors, it is the customers, it is the volunteers; from the board members that give their time to the the volunteers that set up and help out every Saturday. It is the local musicians and talent and it is the visitors and tourists. It is the Town, it is the County, it is the community, it is you.

Recently some of you humoured me as I stopped and asked you to write on a board and jot down your favourite thing about the Market. You thought I was a little crazy and ok, maybe so, but it was fun. You smiled and you thought. And what came out of it was pretty amazing (I knew it would be). Our Market is visited by everyone of all demographics and everyone has a reason they come to the Market. And we want those who haven’t made it to the market to come and see what they’re missing. Because yes, you can absolutely get groceries at the store, but you can get so much more at the Market.

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Just like raising children, the Market cannot grow itself. It needs love and support. Every time you come out on a Saturday morning, you are helping to grow the Market. You are helping that entrepreneur trying to establish their business, you are putting money into our community and keeping your dollars here. Those vendors in turn, go to buy their supplies in the county to make more to replenish their stock. You are helping Farmers keep their farms going, especially in a season like this that was hard and late, you are helping musicians by listening to their music and placing change in their cases, you are spreading kindness by thanking a volunteer.  You are saying hello to a friend or neighbour that you may not have seen, you are smiling, laughing and….getting your shopping done.

While all of this is happening, you are creating something you didn’t even know about. You are weaving the fabric of this community, of this Town and of this County.

You have helped raise this Market to where it is today. In a few short weeks ground will be broken and construction will begin on our new facility. This will allow us the possibility to grow into a year round event. But just like a child turning into an adolescent, it doesn’t mean you can let it go…if anything you need to show it more love and support as it grows.

Over the next months as we transform, we hope that you continue to support us and when we open earlier next year, we hope you will be there and continue to be there.

Thanks to all those who participated and humoured me with this. We will continue to do more projects as time goes on, so if you are approached by me asking you questions, please give me a hand!

See you Saturday!


Music at the Market- Thomas McCallum

Thomas is a Halifax-based musician whose singer-songwriter stylings have been entertaining Haligonians for five years.


Born and raised in Pictou County, Thomas McCallum grew up in Six Mile Brook, and sang in several local choirs, including the Pictou District Honour Choir. He released his first CD of original compositions in 2014.

This weekend he is back in Pictou County and ready to entertain us the Market!

“I like playing at the market because I believe in smaller scale local agriculture. Pictou County would be made a better place if people were able to live closer to home and follow or explore their vocations to make their living from primary industry while still fulfilling their role in the wider “global village”.Playing at events like the market is great because I get to give back in some small way.”

You can follow Thomas on Facebook and you can listen to his songs which are also available for download on his website. But your very best option is to join us at the Market this Saturday and listen to Thomas live!

Thomas McCallum
Thomas McCallum

Music at the Market- Pat Spaulding

Pat Spaulding is not your typical east coast acoustic musician, calling Pictou County his home, he writes most of his songs about life in the county. Over the last few years his passionate performances of his original material have been captivating many crowds at venues all across the province, 2015 has pat appearing for the first time at the Pictou lobster carnival and has also been featured on east coast rocks with Bo Presley.

Pat Spaulding4
Pat Spaulding

We are lucky to have Pat join us at the New Glasgow Farmers Market on a regular basis. Pat loves playing with us as much as we love having him.   He says, “From the vendors and the patrons of the market  to all the wonderful smells and all the great local products, people are genuinely happy when they enter the market and I get to be a part of that.” If you haven’t has a chance to listen, grab a snack, pull up a chair and enjoy the music.

Find him at the Market next on July 1st at the Market’s Canada 150 Bash beginning at 9 am!


Pat Spaulding is an artist you don’t want to miss out on.

Pat Spaulding3

Music at the Market- Andrew Gillis

Andrew Gillis will be belting the blues for us at the New Glasgow Farmers Market this Saturday, June 27th!

Andrew is a man who shoulders a big guitar and even bigger voice. He has steadily been earning his way to the frontlines of the Pictou County music scene with his blend of fresh takes on Chicago blues and R’n’B covers peppered with original tunes.

Andrew Gillis
Andrew Gillis

In the last few years, he’s seen his prominence in the region grow due to his solid song catalogue, his dependability, and his honest appeal. His position in the scene has granted him extended stints as host of open mics as well as the infamous Thursday Night Jam and he has taken stage alongside every hotshot picker and player in the area including a guest spot with Ghostrider and the Allied Horns, a rare distinction to be sure.

While Andrew has played at the Market before a few times, this will be his first time playing solo. The customers and vendors have always made the Market a great experience for him and he looks forward to another great morning!

So stop on by and treat yourself this Saturday morning at the New Glasgow Farmers Market from 8:30am until Noon!

Andrew Gillis2
Andrew Gillis

Music at the Market- Amelia Parker

Many of you know and have met Amelia and if not, you will likely recognize her from the market as she plays for us frequently and was recently with us on our opening day on May 16th.

Amelia Parker
Amelia is 9 years old and lives in Durham. Just before she turned 6 she asked one day out of the blue if she could take fiddle lessons.  The rest is history. She started lessons with Fleur that fall.  Fleur encouraged her to become comfortable with playing her tunes for others and often asked her to do a dance or two along with some fiddling at local events with her.
Amelia with Ray Stewart
Amelia with Ray Stewart
Amelia loves playing her fiddle at the New Glasgow Market.  She enjoys visiting the vendor tables and checking out what they are selling.  The chocolate suckers are a favorite along with the stuffed animal creations. When playing music she enjoys seeing people that she knows and loves getting a couple of hours to play whatever tune she feels like unless of course she gets a special request!
You can listen to Amelia when you bring Dad to the Market this Saturday, June 20th!

Music at the Market- Layne Greene

If you frequent the New Glasgow Farmers Market, then you know that live music is an integral part of the Market experience.  There’s nothing like doing your weekly shopping, then grabbing a coffee or tea from one of the vendor, maybe a hot breakfast from Red Road Kitchen or snack from one of our other vendors. Then you head on outside and sit a spell at one of the picnic tables and chat it up with friends while listening to the musical talents of one of our buskers.

The Market is an important platform for musical talent, a place where both established and young local artists can come and showcase their music. They set the mood for the 900-1100 shoppers that come through our doors every week, giving them exposure to local residents, tourists and other visitors. These artists play open case, promote their CD’s and other merchandise and take home everything they earn at the Market. They are  dedicated, playing rain or shine, in the heat or the cold because they love what they do. Every time we have a new artist, we’ll showcase them here under the title Music at the Market. We hope you show your appreciation for them.

This Saturday, June 13th, Music at the Market is provided by Layne Greene.

Layne Greene
Layne Greene


Layne was born and raised in rural Blue Mountain, Nova Scotia. Fascinated by sound from a young age, it came as no surprise when Layne began writing and recording music.

Backed by drummer Alex Lank and guitarist Bryan MacDonald, Layne entered the studio late in June 2014 to record his first album “Everywhere Around Here”, produced by Dale Murray and featuring appearances by Christina Martin and Fleur Mainville.

“Everywhere Around Here”  was just released in April and you can check it out here: or if you prefer a download, you can click HERE.

Layne has long been a supporter of the New Glasgow Farmers Market. When asked about why he continues to like to play at the market he says, “One of my favourite things about playing the market is getting to interact with the Market crowd. There’s something about busking that puts you in front of people in a way that isn’t too invasive on their trip to the market, if they like what they hear they’ll stop and listen, if not they’ll just keep going on their way unencumbered by the distraction. It’s a really rewarding way to make music for people.”

So be sure to stop in Saturday, listen to Layne and show your support!


The New Glasgow Farmers Market is located at 115 Jury St, New Glasgow, NS, and is open from 8:30am until Noon on Saturdays.


Introducing Our New Website!

Welcome to our new Website!

Our new website has all the information that our other site had and the other site will now redirect you here.  With our new site, we will be able to connect with you in more ways and you will be able to connect with your Market even more easily. We will now be able to blog and share more as things happen and everything automatically goes to Facebook and Twitter so you will be sure to stay in the loop.  Don’t forget we are also on Instagram and Pinterest as NgFarmmarket.

We are adding our vendors and that’s a work in progress, but please take a look around and get a feel for it. We’ll be adding more as time goes on. This is another step in getting connected with your friends, your community, your Market and accessing local food!

Bookmark and stay connected!

Thanks for supporting the New Glasgow Farmers Market!

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