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Music at the Market- Alex Lank

Alex Lank is a Canadian drummer and recent graduate of the St. Francis Xavier University music program. Raised in Nova Scotia, Alex started music early on when he was convinced by his mother to start taking piano lessons at the age of 7. As… Continue Reading “Music at the Market- Alex Lank”

Vendor Spotlight- Art by Dionne

Dionne Lynch is a First Nations artist living in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. Highly influenced by her Mi’ Kmaw culture, Dionne is an unabashed tree hugger, and finds inspiration in nature. Much of her work is wildlife, organic, and woodland themed. Dionne works in… Continue Reading “Vendor Spotlight- Art by Dionne”

Why shop at a Farmers Market?

An American Infographic, but not far off the mark.

Vendor Spotlight- Cupcakes and Other Sweet Treats

Janice Chisholm is our resident cupcake artist!  When she is at the Market ,her cupcakes always disappear quickly! Married with three grown children, Janice missed having people to bake for when the nest became empty. She became fascinated with these cute little cakes and… Continue Reading “Vendor Spotlight- Cupcakes and Other Sweet Treats”

Vendor Spotlight- Snippets

Fibre artist Ruth Mackay gathers snippets from Cobweb Woollies, Lismore Sheep Farm , Briggs & Little, and local thrift stores to pursue her art on the sixth generation Mackay family homestead in Lyon’s Brook, Pictou County. Snippets are textile whimsies created from local and… Continue Reading “Vendor Spotlight- Snippets”

Sage Advice

One of the many awesome things you can find at the New Glasgow Farmers Market is an impressive array of fresh herbs. Now if you’re like me, you have awesome intentions of using everything fast and fresh, but sometimes time slips away and things… Continue Reading “Sage Advice”

Music at the Market- Ferrona

Ferrona is a musical duo comprised of sisters Lynn and Sandra DeCoste. They are accomplished singers/songwriters who keep their audiences captivated and entertained throughout their performances. Lynn is the younger of the sisters, who sings the lead vocals and plays piano/keyboards. Studying music at… Continue Reading “Music at the Market- Ferrona”

Vendor Spotlight- Knoydart Farm Ltd.

Knoydart Farm Ltd., is owned and operated by Angela, Frazer and Adam Hunter. They are  located at the Antigonish/Pictou County Line in Nova Scotia on Route 245 overlooking the Northumberland Strait with Prince Edward Island in the distance In 1998 they decided to buy the dairy… Continue Reading “Vendor Spotlight- Knoydart Farm Ltd.”

It Takes a Community to Make a Market

What is the Farmers Market to you? What does it mean to you and the community around you? What is your favourite thing about the Market? The truth is the Market is everything and everyone. It is the vendors, it is the customers, it… Continue Reading “It Takes a Community to Make a Market”

Music at the Market- Pat Spaulding

Pat Spaulding is not your typical east coast acoustic musician, calling Pictou County his home, he writes most of his songs about life in the county. Over the last few years his passionate performances of his original material have been captivating many crowds at… Continue Reading “Music at the Market- Pat Spaulding”